Aloneness is Truth which is why the Illusion of Separation Exists.

All is always G-d but the illusion of separation keeps us from seeing ourselves as G-d. Yes, it is correct although it remains an abstraction. The truth is that Oneself Is. One as in 1 or I Self 'is'. What it means is that existence is the singularity. The aforementioned again being an abstraction. Let me try again. There is only I. I self-exists. I itself is. I itself is existence. Singularity (it)Self Is. You must forget about otherness. Why? How can there be otherness besides I? There is nothing but I. So why then do we see separation between people or all that is? Just to love my child, just to love. Why Love? Because I is singleness, loneliness, aloneness. You must understand that I is not separate from you; I is all of you as one, and even then, it is more for I is all that is as one for it is. There where you see man or woman there is only you as one, this one self, all of you are I. I imagines its own separateness means all of you are imagining your own separateness. The illusion of separation only so you would not be alone; so oneself would not be alone; so I would not be alone. Aloneness is truth which is why the illusion of separation exists; the illusion of separation exists to escape aloneness. Oneself illusions it is many yet the many are Oneself. The only purpose is companionship; yes, it is indeed the same as love, warmth and togetherness.
~ Wald