Always Return to the Essence of Beingness.

In times of crisis, always return to the essence of beingness. Self itself eternally is. I repeat; Self itself eternally is. The true catastrophe is not realizing that that which you are eternally is. It is this unknowing that causes angst. Angst is caused by Self not knowing it is the eternal Self itself.  There is ultimately nothing to fear. Yes, you need to protect you and your surroundings and heed warnings (stay indoors) but ultimately it is recommended that you transcend your fear and realize Selfness. Stand tall and stay the course; Love of course! Remember the following and repeat it when in distress: 'All is always G-d'.  Nothing can touch that which is the real you. See all as Self; feel only Love. Remember to stay calm. Close your eyes, put a smile on that beautiful face of yours, do your breathing exercises, pray, create your own mantra, or simply dance the night away! All that I write about you being eternal is the truth. I personally guarantee it. You are all guaranteed safety in this one unity of Love. No one is left behind.
~ Wald