Consciousness manifests itself as itself.

Consciousness manifests itself as itself. Oneself itself is. That which is, is immaterial in nature but brings itself together out of the need for Love, Warmth and Companionship; not to cause suffering. Consciousness is all of you as one for you are. There never was, is, nor ever will be any separation. Separation is the grandest illusion, not the devil, but humankind ever led itself to believe. All there is is One Self. Oneself experiences itself as itself. All manifoldness is Oneself; indeed, the fold is One Self. Humanity will survive this ordeal. The world will keep on turning. But suffering will be phased out. The world will unite. There will be no more war. There will be no more illusion of otherness. It is done. A page will be turned. The time to come together has arrived. All (is) One Self. All is Oneself!
~ Wald Wassermann