Das Eine ist, und das Andere ist nicht.

Oneself manifests itself as manifoldness for the only reason of Love. All this manifoldness is all Oneself. Oneself is indeed One Self as in Singleness. The statements that 'self itself is' or that 'oneself itself is that which it itself exists' are thus all correct. There is only one undivided- and undifferentiated Self in reality; it is all of us as one for we are without any separation whatsoever. The answer to the question as to why the perception of separateness exists is the need for love, i.e, oneself seeks nothing else but to love and be loved. In other words; the illusion of separation arises out of the need for companionship, that is to say, that Oneself perceives itself as otherness for the simple reason not to be alone. Oneself is that which others have explained as I, G-d, Oneness, et al. The problem with these words is that they point Oneself away from itself this although Oneself itself is. There is no otherness, there is only the singleness that it itself experiences itself as plurality. Plurality is always Oneself. There never were, are or will be any others. It is impossible. Not only is all always One; all is always Oneself. Oneself itself is that which it itself exists. Das Eine ist, und das Andere ist nicht.
~ Wald Wassermann