Direct Way to Realizing Self in Case of Emergency

For those who are unprepared in case of an unforeseen emergency, I suggest direct Self-realization as a last resort to lessen any fear. It means to realize your true self is eternal for it is the truth. There are several ways to accomplish this and they all are correct. You can surrender to God, allow yourself to be engulfed by Love (see and feel only blissful love), or by realizing that 'that which you are eternally is', i.e., 'that which is is always G-d'. All of the above are all correct and there's no wrong choice. Simply choose whatever feels comfortable for you. Let me quickly explain what I mean with direct Self-realization. It simply means to realize your true deathless self. That which is really you is beyond the physical. It always has been, is, and always will be. The physical is merely the vehicle for the real you to experience yourself. That which is you always is, it always was and it always will be. You didn't realize it before because there was no need for it. Simply see yourself as pure love for you are. In addition; please consider holding no grudges and forgive everyone including yourself. Forgiveness happens in the current. All is forgiven. All is Love.  You've always been (with) G-d. All will always be G-d. I promise. Love, warmth, togetherness. Always One. - the following to be revised. The subject of life after death and reincarnation is an abstraction of sorts for 'Self Always Is' (therefore transcending its own physical birth and death). It is perfectly normal to have anxieties. In fact; I've had anxieties most of my life. It is how I came to realize 'that which truly is'. I have come to the understanding that anxiety is self not knowing it is (it)self, i.e., it itself is the eternal one. Perhaps the following mantras can be helpful at times of distress (they surely have helped me): 'that which is, eternally is', 'that which is, itself is eternal', or even simple ones like 'all is love' or 'all is always g-d' (for it is or it would not be). Does reincarnation exist? Of course it does. Self-reincarnates itself. In other words: Love never dies. It is as simple as that. I guarantee it.
~ Wald