The Divine Experiences Itself and calls itself Life.

Nothing can threaten that which is you. That which is you upholds its physical you, the physical body. The physical you is, in reality, the eternal you. the eternal you transcends its own matter, the matter of the physical body. This does not mean you don't need to protect the physical you. Of course, you need to protect yourself, your physical body. All I am saying is that the physical body is a mere instrument for the real you to experience itself in and that, when the body dies, you will continue to live on for that which is you is eternal; it is part of the greater whole that is, in reality, Oneself experiencing itself as you, as all the other individuals, as all that is. You see, all that is is in reality Oneself experiencing itself as all that is. It is this why it is said that Oneself itself eternally is for all forms are mere superimposition upon Oneself.
~ Wald Wassermann