Division is Diversity in Reality.

There is only One Self. Indeed, there is only Oneself. It is this why it is said that I is I or 讗ֶ讛ְ讬ֶ讛 讗ֲ砖ֶׁ专 讗ֶ讛ְ讬ֶ讛. There is only I as in Oneself. Oneself is all there is and there is nothing Oneself is not. Oneself perceives itself as divided although there is no such thing as division. Division is diversity in reality. Indeed; Oneself is diversified. Why? Love. Yes, Love indeed. Why Love? Love equates to companionship. Companionship is indeed what Oneself seeks. There are no others, there is only Oneself perceiving itself as other-ness for the purpose of Love, sweet Love. Love is what it is all about. All this is about Love my Love. There is only Love and anything not Love is an illusion, a mirage, a fata morgana.
~ Wald