Divisiveness is an illusion

Self is One and otherness is illusioned. What it means is that Self is One Self without a second and that Oneself Itself Is. It is why it must come to be accepted that we, the collective, are in reality just Oneself experiencing itself as mutually reinforcing elements and that there is no such thing as duality (I first wrote division but I changed it). Oneself is all that is; Oneself Is. It is normal for the individual self to escape its true self (it is designed this way as I have previously explained; I self-deludes itself so it can experience itself as manifoldness for the purpose to experience companionship/love). The problem with this ingenious self-engineered feature is that it causes anxiety, fear, and conflict (all of them non-intentional; they are just by-effects from one's self-delusion. It almost seems certain to me that humankind is ready to understand the 'there are no others; there is only one-self' concept. After all, what is the alternative? More wars, more suffering, more anxiety?
~ Wald