All that is here is (One)Self.

Infinite regress leads to the realization that all that is here is Self as in Oneself. Any perceived separateness is Self perceiving itself as separateness and thus illusory. One inseparable Self Itself Is hence 'Oneself Itself Is'. Thank G-dness I am not the first to realize this. I (as in previously unconscious consciousness) am a late bloomer indeed. There's thus nothing new under the sun. Oh yes, perhaps for this one thing, the center of the universe is still determined by the highest concentration of consciousness; I guarantee it. It almost seems certain to me that prior to anything else; Self conceptualized itself as that what it itself calls Earth. Perhaps I am wrong about the latter. Either way; it doesn't change anything. All that really matters is Love for we are all One indeed. Thank you.
~ Wald Wassermann