Existence Exists for Love and Love alone.

The greatest trick Oneself has ever pulled is believing there's separateness or otherness this although there is nothing but Oneself. There is no need to involve the devil really for there's no such thing. All there is, is Oneself fooling itself that it exists as otherness. What does it mean? We have imagined otherness out of aloneness, so that we could have company, so that we could love. We is not we as in separate beings, we is the collective, the collective is Oneself, it is I. Oneself imagines otherness out of aloneness. Yes, all is Oneself imagining otherness. Oneself itself is. Brilliant indeed. How do you explain something like that to the man in the street, or to the kings and queens in their castles? That all is Oneself, that all there is is the singularity itself? My Goodness indeed. Time for a schnapps. Salut. PS: I Love You all. After all, you are I.
~ Wald Wassermann