Existence was born out of Loneliness.

A true guru will never sit on a throne or allow you to bow for him or ask you to kiss his feet. A true guru will bow for you for he will have realized that it is you that is the divine reflection of his self and that it is you he has wished for since the beginning of time out of utterly crippling alONEness. It this alONEness that gave birth to ONEself experiencing itself as manifoldness. You don't know how lucky you are unless you've been all by your self for eons and eons desperately wishing for someone or something to keep your company. Again, you don't know how lucky you are until you are all alone in a room. Cherish your company. Cherish all that is. All that is, is for your enjoyment. LOVE ALL. See all as Self for all is Self! Stop complaining. Be appreciative. Forgive each other. Love one another. Everything is the most incredible gift. Existence was born out of crippling loneliness so celebrate your companionship! The meaning of the Monolith is that all is I and that I is alONEness therefore leading It to experience Itself as MANIfoldness for the sole purpose of companionship. Yes, companionship equates to LoveLove one another for there is no other! Love, please Love with all your heart and remember how you got here. What else can I say but NAMASTE. I love you all and always will. I bow for you in gratitude. Bless you, bless you, bless you all Sweethearts. Remember to see all as Self and to be grateful for all it is you see and meet for all of it, without exception, is the most incredible gift; the most incredible gift YOU yourself have wished for since the beginning of time; since the beginning of Self-inception.
~ Wald Wassermann