God emanates itself; there is nothing but God.

What is reality? Reality is that which is. That which is cannot be without being itself. There cannot be any otherness in Oneself. There cannot be anything outside Oneself. Oneself itself is and imagines otherness to escape alONEness, its one- or singleness. Indeed; all that is, is itself. All of us are itself. This 'it' is not something external. It is Oneself! Oneself equates to God for all is I. God emanates itself; there is nothing but God, see all as God. There is thus no fear for the eternal life is Oneself! Simply see all as Self and Love one another for there is no other; there is only Oneself. There never was any separation. There never was any fall. All there is, is ignorance; it is seeing separateness where there is only One Self. One Self is all-inclusive and knows no separation. Love is the Law of the Land for it is the Law of One Self aka God.
~ Wald