God is experiencing itself.

God is experiencing itself; make no mistake. Verily all this is God and God is One without a second, the One Undivided Self that is all of us as One for we are. God experiences itself, God sees itself, God hears itself, God feels itself. All the senses are all God. There is nothing but God for God (it)Self Is. So what then is God? God is Oneself. There is no separation in God. The illusion of separation is God/Self-created for the purpose of companionship, to escape loneliness, to be able to love and be loved in return. But all this is One, all this is Oneself! It's always been us as One from the start; there never was any separation. I self-experiences itself simply to Love and for no other reason whatsoever. In fact, harm done to others creates a misalignment which causes a knee-jerk reaction. Why? Oneself feels itself! There are no others. Otherness is illusory. Discord is seeing others as separate. Harmony is seeing others as Self. Oneself (self-)experiences itself for Love and Love alone. I am you, you are me, we are one big family (so very very very indeed).
~ Wald Wassermann