God is not external but Self-existent.

The statement that 'I Am the Resurrection and the Life' points to knowing Oneself Itself Eternally Is. Too much suffering in this world is caused by the non recognition of being God itself, that is to say, God's unknowing of being God itself causes itself incredible hurt, suffering and anxiety.  Verily I say to you that 'all this is God' and that 'God Itself Is'. All of you are not just the physical but 'that' One which transcends its own physicality. That One is what you call God. God is not external but self-existent as that what it itself perceives as existence. Humanity calls itself Human or Life but that is an abstraction of sorts. Life is God living and since 'God Itself Is and Is-ness is God' it must be understood that Life is in reality Self experiencing itself, — it (existence, reality, life, et al) is One Self experiencing itself. I repeat: Oneself experiences itself. Oneself itself is; remember these three words. Oneself itself is. There is no division, there is nothing to fight, there are no others, there is no separation; not between God and Self, not between God and State, not between Man and Woman, - all there is One Self experiencing itself. One Self Self-Exists; One Self Itself Is. The world has- and continues to see tremendous suffering out of non Self-recognition this while Self itself is the eternal One which always is.
~ Wald Wassermann