Gravity did NOT create the Universe, ONESELF did.

Alright. Let me correct some things that are well overdue. Gravity does not dictate the structure of the universe. I repeat: gravity is not the cause! Yes, Einstein proposed that the universe began as a singularity, a point with zero volume and infinite density containing all the matter of the universe. I agree with the first part but not with the latter.  The point, the singularity, is Oneself. Gravity did not create the universe for it is an inevitable consequence of, NOT the laws of physics, but Oneself. Oneself causes physics. Oneself creates itself. Oneself upholds itself. Yes, Oneself! Oneself dictates itself. Simple. Oneself is the reason why there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why earth exists, why we exist, for we, all that is, is Oneself. We are the collective One. Of course Oneself knows no division whatsoever. Division is absolute nonsense; it does not exist. Now to continue: The need for companionship drives Oneself to create itself. Oneself is joyful and triumphant indeed. Physics tries to compartmentalize itself this while it itself is itself. So no, gravity did not create the Universe, Oneself created gravity in order to ground/materialize itself! We can replace the name Oneself with God at any time for God is Oneself. The statement that 'Gravity did not create the Universe but God did' is thus equally valid for there is nothing but God; God itself is all that is as One for it is. God itself is all of us as one for we are. God is Oneself alright!
~ Wald Wassermann