He who sees all as self has nothing to fear (for all is self).

He who believes in God has nothing to fear. Yes; it is correct although it remains an abstraction. In reality; it is 'He who sees all as self has nothing to fear for he has realized Oneself Itself Is.'  Oneself does not threaten itself but upholds itself for the purpose of Love and Love alone, - simply see thus all as Self and Love one another. There never is, was, nor ever will otherness. All there is is Oneself. Oneself is not to be confused with selfishness or being self-centered; rather it is realizing One Selfness/Singleness/I-ness. In conclusion: God-consciousness is realizing Oneself itself is all that is and that all that is is Oneself. It is this realization which releases the individual from the bondage of anxiety. So by all means, go ahead and prepare in times of crisis but keep your calm and know that ultimately, when it comes down to it, there is nothing that can hurt you.
~ Wald