How to deal with stress caused by the Coronavirus when the cause is stress.

Is a virus, like the Coronavirus COVID-19, a defense mechanism? Yes, of course it is for the singularity is all of us as One for we are, that is to say, the singularity is all that is as One for it is. In order to understand the above we must first understand that the materialist position in physics has been on shaky ground for quite some time. What I do not understand is that biology does not make the connection with the findings of physics for biology and physics are interrelated fields to say the very least. Allow me to explain. What everyone knows is that existence is one without a second but what few know is that 'One Self itself exists without any division or separation whatsoever'. The final conclusion thus being: 'Oneself itself is'. It this is what is meant with I AM or the One and to 'Know Thyself'. We can thus conclude that Oneself is the fundamental substance, and that all things, including our individual mental states and consciousness, are in fact, part of the greater intelligent whole that is this One Consciousness that is Oneself. Although it is well accepted that the Earth consists of many different ecosystems, humankind much less readily recognizes that the Earth itself is One ecological/biological singularity, i.e., a singular ecosystem. Make no mistake that the singular ecosystem is a fact this although it remains an abstraction of sorts, for, as previously stated, matter itself is an abstraction. I would like to refer to Dr. Paul Carus and Dr. Alfred North Whitehead who stated the same but in much more eloquent terms. Now back to the - what causes a virus - question. It is interesting that no scientific explanation can be found beyond the usual- and sole material suspects such as bats, pigs and rats. Bats, pigs and rats are all matter am I correct? Since matter is an abstraction we need to understand that which underwrites matter. We thus return to the knowledge that "All is Oneself and that Oneself Itself Is". Yes, indivisible indeed as in the One or I. The One is not external; it is Oneself. One-ness is Oneself-ness. Stress causes Oneself to defend itself. In other words: Oneself defends itself if it is under prolonged exposure of stress.  Anna Freud stated that regression is a defense mechanism of the individual in response to stressful situations. Perhaps its time the scientific community makes the link to the singularity, the One, the I, this one-ecosystem that is in truth Oneself and the stress it endures. It almost seems certain to me that virus(es) are a defense mechanism of Oneself in response to stressful situations, especially when the stress is prolonged. After all; this one ecosystem that is the singularity feels itself. Oneself feels itself and thus balances itself according to its primordial need. What is this need? Let me tell you what it is not: constant conflicts, divisiveness, threats and wars between illusory parties and nations where there is nothing but us as one for we are. Perhaps it would be wise for the scientific community to further investigate the above. In the time being, let's remember: all is G-d and G-d knows no separation. In conclusion: love one another for there is no other; all is one self!
~ Wald Wassermann