Is Separation an Illusion? Yes, Of Course It Is.

The answer to the question - is separation an illusion - is yes; of course it is.  Hasn't this been discussed a ten thousand times before?  Oneself imagines separation. I repeat: Oneself imagines separation. Why? Companionship. Companionship is another word for Love, Warmth and Togetherness. Oneself does not like alONEness and veils itself with the illusion of separation for the purpose of love and love alone. There is no survival of the fittest; it is the delusional individual who sees just himself against the other there where all there is is One Self as in Oneself in reality. When there is an imbalance; Oneself simply corrects itself. There is no need to blame God really for all is God. God is all that is as One for it is. God is all of us as One for we are. How many more reminders do we, humankind, need before we understand this concept?
~ Wald Wassermann