Knowing all is Oneself is true knowledge.

That which humanity calls God or Consciousness is One Self, i.e., Oneself Itself Is. The answer to the question if it is possible to realize 'all is Oneself' while still being able to live the life of the individual is yes for there are many among us who have already come to this liberating realization while still leading perfectly normal lives. The Tao Te Ching states that 'Not-knowing is true knowledge' which instead should be 'Knowing all is Oneself is true knowledge' for it is this realization that dissolves any possibility of conflict and anxiety. All is Oneself and as Oneself upholds- and regulates itself; there is ultimately nothing to fear. To dissolve into God-consciousness is realizing Oneselfness and seeing any illusory separation disappear. It is accepting who we truly are; this One indivisible Self. Knowing this is especially valuable in times of difficulty or crisis. Is the above the truth? Yes; I personally guarantee it. There is ultimately nothing to fear. The only reason for the illusory perception of separateness/otherness is to be able to love and be loved. It is this why it is said that God is Love. Love each other for otherness is imagined. All there is is us as one for we are. So Love, simply Love and see all as Self. PS: I will translate- and repost this message in all languages affected by the current virus (it will not be perfect since I will use Google translate). I suggest you spread your own message of love, unity and comfort to as many people as possible and in as many languages as possible.
~ Wald Wassermann