Love is the ONLY Purpose.

It is said that he who knows his true nature can reveal the ultimate truth. Well then, let it be said that the ultimate truth is Oneself as in 'all that is as one for it is' and that the only purpose for Oneself's manifold existency is to experience companionship which equates to company, yes, naturally, it is love, warmth, togetherness, et al. Furthermore, it should be known that there is no such thing as division, separateness or otherness for all of these are for the purpose of Oneself's own enjoyment. Lastly, it should be known that, since all is Oneself, that any suffering caused to others is caused to self and, vice versa, that any kindness to others is kindness to self. In conclusion: see all as self for there is only oneself.
~ Wald Wassermann