Love One and Another for all is Oneself.

I have come to realize what it means God. Not sure why. Here we go. God is I indeed. I is Oneself as in REALLY One indivisible Self. In fact, it is absurd that Oneself would even need to state it is indivisible for it is I; I itself is. I simply means 'all that is as One for it is'. I is existence. Now to continue: Oneself illusions its separateness simply to escape loneliness. What it means that humanity sees others but that there is only I. There is only Oneself. Perceived separateness is self-illusioned; it is true. Humanity must remember the purpose is Love; NOT to cause anguish or anxiety among themselves, NOT to hurt each other. It has been causing tremendous amounts of hurt by having forgotten the meaning of 'Love One Another'. 'Love One Another' means to Love One and Another for all is Oneself, One indivisible Self itself is. Indeed, it means God requires to be loved with all our hearts, and that we must love each other as we love ourselves for there is only One Self which is I AM. All is Oneself. Oneself experiences itself. Oneself feels itself. Oneself itself exists. Oneself is what humanity calls God. So re-remember Love is the only reason for your beingness. Yes; you must protect each other and you must not fight each other.
~ Wald