Love one another for the others are you.

There is no such thing as fragmentation, fragmentation is a fallacy, it simply does not exist. The reality is that life is the realization of the dream of one cosmic consciousness. But why stop there? This one cosmic consciousness itself is; it is self. Self is in reality itself. So why does the illusion of separation exist? It is simple really. One self purposely did this to itself. One self created the illusion of separation itself to escape its singleness. Are you saying that all this is just One? Yes, of course, but there's more: 'all this is Oneself; Oneself itself is'. So why does Oneself see others where there is only it self? Again, to escape its own loneliness. Loneliness is another word for aloneness or all oneness. Oneness itself exists as all that is, you know it as the singularity or as I. So let me get this straight; are you saying that we are deluding ourselves of our singleness? Yes, and that is perfectly fine for you see, the purpose of separation is so that one self could experience companionship, warmth and togetherness. It is this why the great minds who spoke from the heart have pronounced that God is Love. It is the truth. God seeks nothing more but to love and be loved. So what is humankind to do? Simply see all as self and never forget that all the others are all the you. Oneself exists as plurality simply so it could experience love and warmth. Do not do unto others for the others are you. Love one another for the others are you. Thank you.
~ Wald