Love Underwrites Oneself.

Existence itself exists. Yes, it is correct. We must then ask what existence is. Existence is Self. Yes, again, it is correct. But then what is Self? Self is One. Self is One Self. Oneself Is. After all, it is undifferentiated is it not? Thus resulting in Oneself being the ultimate reality. It is thus absurd to make any differentiation about being or non-being, existence or non-existence, the unmanifest or the manifest, the noumenal or the phenomenal. All of the above are abstractions. Oneself is the only reality and Love is the primary motive.  Oneself seeks nothing but companionship in its perceived otherness. In conclusion: Oneself is ultimately the only reality and separation is an illusion albeit a persistent one. One indivisible Self Oneself Is.
~ Wald Wassermann