Love, Warmth, Togetherness is our Primordial Need.

I will refrain from using the G-d word. I will simply use Oneself instead. You may replace the word Oneself with G-d at any time as long as you remember that G-d is not external but self-existential as all of you as one for you are. Oneself experiences itself without knowing it is Oneself. Although this certainly appears to the case; it is an incorrect assumption. Oneself is in Self-denial for a very good reason. Oneself refuses to acknowledge its own Oneness to escape its own aloneness; its own singleness. There is a possibility that Oneself is purposely lifting the veil however in order to realign itself according to its own self-existential purpose. I believe this is what is happening right now. Oneself will never surrender it's illusory separation for it loves companionship. However; Oneself does want to align itself with it's primordial need and this happens continuously. This need is companionship, friendship, kinship, togetherness, love, warmth, playfulness, joy, felicity. Oneself is indeed like a child which simply wants to play and have a good time. Oneself is opposed to arguments, conflicts, hurt, intentional suffering caused to others. Always remember that all of you are One and that the reason for any perceived separation only serves one purpose; Love.
~ Wald Wassermann