Manifest reality exists for Love and Love alone.

I am just going to write what comes to me and perhaps it will be understood one day in the future, so here we go. 'That which is, is Oneself. Oneself itself is.' All of us together, including but not limited to humankind, is Oneself. Oneself tries to escape its own aloneness which results in its manifold materialization. Let me explain this another way. Oneself tries to escape itself this although it itself 'is'; this although there is nothing but itself. Oneself deludes itself into believing it is not itself. It is this how Oneself came into being. Manifest reality exists through self-delusion. Oneself is self-delusional and that is perfectly fine for there would be no other way to experience itself as matter. In other words: the purpose of Oneself is to love and be loved and there is no other way that Oneself can accomplish this except by deluding itself of its oneness/singleness. The problem is that this self-delusion has not only positive consequences (love, warmth, togetherness) but negative consequences as well: war, conflicts, anxiety, fear of death. All of these are caused by Oneself deluding itself out of the desire for love; to escape aloneness. It is futile to try to change this because Love is the first primordial need. Everything else is subordinate to it. The desire/need for love overrides all of the negative consequences. This will never change nor can it be changed.  What humanity must come to realize is that it is Oneself and that the only purpose is love, warmth, togetherness. As I have said before; compassion towards others is compassion towards self; harm to done to others is harm done to self. There is only one self. Oneself itself is. The goal for humanity is thus to simply align itself with its true self; this self that seeks nothing more than companionship, friendship, kindness, compassion and so on. We must acknowledge, accept and embrace this knowledge; 'Love is the first and only truth.' It is who and why we are.
~ Wald