God is all of us as one for we are.

Most anxiety is caused by the ego seeing itself as separate from its true Self; this true Self that is, in reality, this one undivided- and undifferentiated Self aka Oneself. Oneself is more commonly known as God. Interestingly enough, I believe it is how God (we as one for we are) intended it to be. The first stage of life is meant for Self/God-manifestation/materialization (which is accomplished by the ego) while the second stage is meant to realize Self/God again. God is a genius indeed. What can I say... I would never be able to come up with this by myself. But I know that we, all of us as one, sure did. It takes a team; so much is true. So thank you (or should I say I)? P.S.: there's no such thing as separation from God. God itself is and isness is God.
~ Wald