Everyone else is all Oneself.

Jesus never said 'No one comes to the Father except through me.'; his words were misinterpreted. Instead, he said 'I is the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through I.' What is 'I'? 'I' is all that is as One for it is. One self itself is. All of you are in truth Oneself. Oneself exists as manifoldness. 'I' was wrongly translated into 'me' (pardonne-moi in French). The meaning of 'I' is seeing only One Self and realizing that all the others are all Oneself. All the others are all I. I (it)Self Is, and separation is an illusion for there is nothing but us as One for we are. We simply forgot. It is this what it means 'I am that I am'. All is Oneself; all is I and it is G-d. All of you are guaranteed the eternal life; see all as self and love one another for there is no other. It is all that matters. Have faith. All is always G-d means that there is no separation in God and that God itself eternally 'is'. There's eventually nothing that can harm 'that' which is the real you. Simply realize that you are not just the physical but that which transcends its own physicality. Again; all is always G-d. Remember this. All is always G-d.
~ Wald