One Indivisible Self Itself Is.

Just a quick recap. To see separateness from God is illusory, that much is sure. After all, there is nothing but God; God (it)Self Is. God self-exists as all that is without any separation whatsoever. This leads to the realization that God is One Self as in One Undivided Self. We can connect the words One Self and state that God is Oneself. Oneself is all that is for it is; Oneself is all of us as one for we are without separation. It's well documented that the perception of separation is illusory. 'That which is, Oneself is'; it is what John Archibald Wheeler meant with 'the participatory universe'. The biblical statements that the earth is immovable and set on pillars and that it is hanging on nothing as if it were suspended in space are pretty much all correct for the simple reason that 'God upholds itself', i.e., 'Oneself upholds itself'. For those who prefer the word consciousness, we can simply state that consciousness upholds itself for it binds itself together for the simple purpose of Love, Warmth and Togetherness.  Consciousness itself is; Oneself is Consciousness. It is this why earth feels stationary. In other words; all is always One indivisible Self without a second regardless of how Oneself names itself. Love each other; there is no other.
~ Wald Wassermann