Oneself Corrects Itself.

It certainly appears to be very probable that G-d self-corrects itself according to its first existential need: 'to love and be loved'. Of course G-d is Oneself with the correct statement thus being that 'Oneself autocorrects itself' and this perhaps pretty much instantaneously so. What it means is all that is is Oneself and that Oneself self-regulates itself according to its very own primordial need.  It almost seems certain to me that this need is love. I therefore believe that we, humankind, need to align to our own essence of beingness; our own purpose; this purpose being unity, kinship, self-recognition. Perhaps, and I realize this is a sensitive issue, Oneself is not too keen on conflicts or suffering caused upon others for it is the exact opposite of what Oneself seeks. Oneself simply seeks companionship, friendship, love. Yes; it is correct.
~ Wald Wassermann