Oneself Creates Gravity.

What do wo-men want? It is perhaps Sigmund Freud's most famous question. Let's find the answer by looking down on the earth from space. It does look like One now, doesn't it? It is unified for sure as if it were being held together by a) gravity b) glue c) love. The answer can be found at the Source. In order to understand Source we must understand that matter is consciousness. Is consciousness One? Yes, all that you see, that is to say, all that is, is One consciousness. We can even drop the words 'all that is', and simply state that 'all is one consciousness'. Now it gets interesting. So what is this One consciousness? It is Oneself. Oneself is consciousness and consciousness is Oneself. All is Oneself! Is it unified? Of course, it is unified. It is One Self!  Oneself unifies itself. Now it gets even more interesting. What does consciousness want? Again, consciousness is unified: 'uni' as in one and 'fied' as in strength, bond or... Self.  Consciousness is One indivisible Self, Oneself, strengthening itself or rather binding itself together. We can thus deduce that its motivation is to seek companionship, am I correct? Consciousness wants companionship. Yes, it is correct. Now again, we must remember consciousness is Oneself. What does Oneself want? Oneself wants companionship. Incredible isn't it. Oneself brings itself together for companionship! All this is Oneself. Oneself seeks nothing more but love, warmth, and togetherness. Companionship!  We could thus state the first truth is Love. But there's more. Not only does Oneself create gravity; oneself binds itself together. We are Oneself and otherness is Self-imagined. Now, to come back to the question - what do wo-men want? There are no women neither men; there's only Oneself seeking Love equally shuffling the cards of its own game right before giving birth to itself (hence why there is an equal amount of men and women).  That sounds too complicated although it is true. Let's just say that men and women want Love!  Yes, that is correct. What a wonderful piece of work wo-man-kind is to delude itself of its otherness this when there is only Oneself as in I. Similarly, the answer as to what holds matter, solids, liquids, atoms, molecules, covalent- or ionic bonds, chromatids, DNA, the nucleus, and the whole dictionary together is Oneself. Yes, the whole dictionary is an abstraction of sorts for Love is the only reality. Oneself holds itself together out of Love. Love is sweet indeed. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Lest never forget who we are, wherever we go and whoever we meet: Oneself meeting itself. Love one another... for there is no other. Also sprach Zarathustra? Yes, indeedly-doodly. Also sprach nicht allein Man- aber EIN oder Selbst. My Goodness. I believe it is time for a Schnapps. I love you all.
~ Wald Wassermann