Earth is Heaven made manifest.

There is but Oneself. Oneself experiences itself as the physical, as life, to escape aloneness. Aloneness is that what is before birth. Aloneness was there before self-inception. Yes, in the beginning there was terrible aloneness. Let me assure you that aloneness in this lifetime is nothing compared to the aloneness felt before entering the physical body. Life is the most incredible accomplishment and the most exceptional of all exceptionalities. Life is not to be negated but celebrated. All life for that matter! There is no separation whatsoever. Life is the crowning achievement of the Divine. Yes; all is Divine and yes, the Divine is Oneself. Last but not least; See all as Oneself for all of it is Oneself. Indeed, when it is said that God seeks to escape the void, it is meant that Oneself seeks to escape the void. The void is crushing loneliness. Remember how lucky you all are to be able to experience life with each other and that this all was born out of this deep longing for companionship. There is no purpose but Love! And yes, Earth is Heaven made manifest. This is the Garden of Eden alright.
~ Wald Wassermann