Oneself is Eternal.

God is One Self without a second.  I repeat: One Self as in Oneself! Oneself itself is God. Indeed; God is Oneself and separation is an illusion. It is the illusion of separation that has haunted Oneself/God/Humanity since Self-Inception. So why does God delude itself into believing there is separateness as in otherness whereas there is only God? There is no need to involve God really. All there is is Oneself. Oneself purposely deludes itself into seeing others where there is only Oneself; Itself. The reason for this Self-created deception is to experience companionship out of utter loneliness. So yes; the only purpose is love.  All that is, all that you see, all the others are all you, and similarly, you are all the others, all that you see, all that is. Oneself Itself Is. The only requirement for humanity is to align itself to its purpose; the purpose is simply companionship, friendship, warmth, togetherness and naturally love. For it is this incredible desire for love that resulted in Oneself perceiving/deceiving itself as plurality; as manifoldness. Never forget that 'all that is, is oneself; oneself itself is all that is', and not to be afraid for, 'that which is, eternally is'. Never forget who you are; keep remembering your purpose, educate, educate, educate, repeat, repeat, repeat: 'Not only is all One but Oneself itself eternally is'. Come together as One for you are. With love, warmth, togetherness.  P.S: It is impossible to know how many people on earth realize this. I suggest searching Google with quotation marks for words that resonate with you. A Google search result without quotation marks will generate lots of irrelevant nonsense while searching a phrase using quotation marks will be more closely aligned to what you seek. For example; do a search for "that which is, oneself is", "oneself is eternal" or for whatever makes you feel most comfortable and you will notice a remarkable difference in your search results.
~ Wald Wassermann