Oneself is God

Is Oneself God? Yes, Oneself is God. How else could Oneself be? Isness is for it is God itself; yes, God alright. God itself is and uplifts itself forward by knowing what it is not. It is this what it means to grow towards the light, for Oneself wants to leave the darkness behind. What is the darkness? The darkness is Oneself's very own ignorance, this willful blindness, ignorance or unknowing of being it Self (I/One), it is Oneself not knowing, or not wanting to know, it is ONE undifferentiated SELF and that otherness is self-illusioned for the purpose to escape its own alONEness. To realize Oneself-ness is to realize God for God is Oneself. There really are no others; all there is, is Oneself seeking companionship in its Self-illusioned otherness.
~ Wald Wassermann