OneSelf Is. See all as Self for there is nothing but Self.

Consciousness is the only thing here. The answer to the question if consciousness is material or immaterial or whether it is fundamental, universal or emergent is an abstraction. Consciousness (it)Self Is, i.e., Isness is consciousness. Now it must be said that consciousness is always One without a second but not just One but One Self; indeed, One Indivisible Self. Now the final answer to the question as to what is Consciousness is thus OneSelf. Consciousness is Oneself. We can further deduce that OneSelf (it)Self Is or that 'OneSelf Is'. OneSelf experiences itself as the sum total of its own reality; reality is OneSelf. Is this knowledge of any importance to humanity? Well, perhaps not if it weren't for the fact that separation is fundamentally illusory which leads us to the realization that we must see all as Self for there is nothing but Self.
~ Wald Wassermann