All is always G-d for it would not be if it were not. I want you to read that sentence again. How do I explain, or rather, how does I explain itself. Let me think. Alright. G-d itself is. The answer to the question - what is G-d - is that which is in its totality. Yes. We can call it Love. But let's continue with that 'that which is'. That which is, itself is. And we can stop right here for there is no need to finish the sentence. For Oneself Itself Is and division it knows not. That which is, is all that is. There is nothing Oneself is not. OK. So let's continue. All that we know as reality is bound together. Correct? Why would Oneself/G-d bind itself together? Let me tell you why. For G-d/Oneself seeks (and what follows now are just words and therefore by no means all-encompassing) companionship, togetherness, love, warmth, joy, felicity and so on. The binding force is Oneself. Oneself binds itself together out of the need for, yes, you can call it Love. Love is Oneself's own Law. The Law of One Self is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann