See all as Self for all is One Self.

See all as Self for all is One Self. Oneself Itself is (the) Eternal (One). After all, what is life? What is death? All there is is Oneself birthing itself as itself anew. Yes, it is Oneself which births itself as manifoldness. All this manifoldness is always Oneself. Oneself never dies. Oneself always is. Oneself knows no death for it itself gives birth to itself over and over and over again. Just like clouds appear and disappear, so does Oneself come and go in different forms yet while always remaining itself. All that is is Oneself and any perception of otherness is merely Oneself imagining itself as otherness for the sole purpose of companionship. All that is, all that you see, everyone you meet; it is all Oneself. It is this why Love is so important. It is this why it is said to see all as Self. For verily all there is is Oneself, — Oneself experiencing itself as itself simply to experience Love.
~ Wald