Oneself Unifies Itself.

We are moving towards Self-unification. I believe there is a massive self-alignment taking place, that is to say, Oneself is aligning itself according to its self-existential need which is Love indeed. The word Oneself is at this time not understood. You may, therefore, replace it with the word 'We', 'I', 'Self' or 'God'. What it means is that we are in the midst of a transitioning phase where we are moving from a collective God-delusion (God not knowing it is God itself and seeing itself as separate) towards God-realization; the realization of literally being God itself. Although the above is correct; it is an antiquated statement for it will soon be understood that God is Oneself.  There will be no more need to add explanatory words such as undifferentiated, indivisible or inseparable between the words One and Self for all there is is Oneself. Oneself will come to understand that previously perceived otherness is Oneself and that Love is its only purpose. There's no need for concern for Oneself itself eternally is, i.e., the eternal one is all of you without separation. In the time being, simply come together in the following realization: see all as self and love one another as yourself and uplift each other whenever possible. There are no others; all there is is you as one for you are.
~ Wald Wassermann