Plato and the Cave are One.

What is the relationship between cosmology and particle physics? It is all Oneself. All that is here is Oneself. Oneself itself is. The universe is studied by Oneself studying itself, i.e., by studying Oneself. Oneself studies itself and sees itself as compartmentalized whereas there is nothing but itself; this One indivisible Self. So why does I perceive itself as separateness? The answer is quite simple really. Oneself itself is without separation but perceives itself as separate parts, i.e, otherness in order to escape its aloneness, its all one ness or singleness. In other words; Schrödinger and the Cat are One and the same. Meow Meow indeed. The principal has its principles. The principal is Oneself. Oneself has its principles. What are the principles? I say Love, warmth, togetherness, kindness, compassion, et al. After all, there is nothing but Oneself. I thus conclude that theoretical discoveries in physical cosmology are Oneself discovering it itself is the indivisible One. Brilliant! PS: The Cosmic Microwave Background is an abstraction; Oneself radiates itself. There is only one intelligence; Oneself. Oneself always is the only intelligence.
All that matters is Love.
~ Wald Wassermann