Quantum Physics is Oneself; it means Love.

The question is no longer whether quantum theory is correct, but what it means. Let me tell you what it means.  It means that all is Oneself and that Oneself brings, binds and holds itself together out of the need for companionship which is the same as agape or love if you understand the etymology of the words.  Quantum physics is a label we have given ourselves in order to better understand ourselves.  The same goes for human, cat, dog, ball and all these words. That which names- and theorizes about everything; is 'it'. I guess it's safe to say that everything is Oneself. Quantum physics is Oneself. Human is Oneself. Cat is Oneself. Dog is Oneself. Everything is Oneself. Yes; even Ball.  Oneself gave birth to itself in the beginning so all that is here now is Oneself.  Sure, in different shapes but it's all Oneself. A most remarkable feat indeed. Oneself itself is; the equation is I.
~ Wald Wassermann