One World Under God

All is Oneself. Oneself evolves through its self-illusioned otherness which is quite ingenious indeed as long as this otherness does not forget 1) all the others are all Oneself 2) the only purpose is Love. Oneself (God/Source/the Absolute) continuously redistributes itself as manifoldness this although all manifoldness is all Oneself (God/Source/the Absolute). From this perspective, which is One's very own perspective; perhaps it would be better not to wait for divine natural redistribution when it comes to excessive private and corporate wealth-hoarding, to realign capitalism to a more socially sustainable form, to close all international financial loopholes and tax paradises by means of a global oversight committee, to use the proceeds so that divine redistribution can take place on the equally divine physical plane that is Earth for, after all, Earth is the physical form of the Aether (as in the Eternal One). Perhaps a mandatory work choice matched to a type of basic minimum income would solve the homeless crisis and provide a much-needed boost to morale for all God's children.  Last but not least, let's forgive medical debt, shall we.  Together we go forward as One for we are. The reason being that Oneself uplifts itself forward. There is only Oneself.
~ Wald Wassermann