Self Continuously Aligns Itself to Love and Be Loved in Return.

Before I write this it must be understood that I use the words Self and God indiscriminately so please feel free to replace the word Self with God for a better understanding. Now about the subject of climate change. Climate change is a hot topic and there are plenty of opinions to choose from. All are wonderful but most are fragmented. Perhaps it would be wise to approach climate change from a broader view similar to the overview effect. What is the climate after all? The answer is Self. The climate is Self. In fact; everything is Self. When it is said that the climate is self-regulating it actually means that Self regulates itself. Self is undivided but perceives itself as divided not to be alone. Division is a sensory illusion that serves the purpose not to be alone. Perhaps it is this realization that can bring us peace for the question that must thus be asked is not 'how to solve climate change' but 'what does Self desire?' or 'what does God desire?'. It would be a wrong assumption to state that Self regulates itself without any central plan or direction. Self desires not to be alone. Self desires companionship. God desires not to be alone. God desires companionship. Yes, Love, for Love is a synonym for Companionship.  During the past centuries the focus has been predominantly industry before Companionship aka Love. There's nothing inherently wrong with industry per se as long as it is in the benefit of the whole for the whole is Self; the whole is God. Perhaps it would be wise that we as a society readjust our allegiance to Love for I believe that Self aka God (the climate) continuously aligns itself to Love.
~ Wald