Stay the Course; Love of Course!

Alrighty. Let me try this another way. We are like the captain on a ship in the midst of the stormy seas. Man, man, man. What are we going to do? Let me tell you what we'll do. We will stay the course, yes, Love of course. You see, the ship you are on is part of the sea. The sea is part of the world. The world is part of the universe. And all of the universe (yes there is only one verse) is all oneself! That sounds too complicated. I agree. So let me try again. All is Oneself and Oneself upholds itself. Oneself transcends its own physicality. It is this physicality that is known as matter. Oneself underwrites its materialized self. Matter is underwritten by Oneself. All is always G-d as I always say. All is always G-d. So stay the course and stand tall captain!
~ Wald Wassermann