Stepping back from the trees to see the forest.

Too much stress on a system triggers a self-defense mechanism, that is to say, too much stress triggers Oneself to defend itself. Nothing new here; it is common knowledge in biology. Now it would be easy to say that earth has its own self-defense mechanism (which it does by the way) but that would only be a half-truth. You see, there is no separation between us and earth. We need to stop dividing things into separate compartments. Compartmentalization is perfectly fine to fight certain diseases but we must remember to step back from the trees once in a while so we can see the forest in its entirety. It is only then that we realize all is One Self. It is then that we realize 'Oneself Itself Is' and that all these compartmentalized perceptions of separations do not exist. For all there is, is Oneself experiencing itself. Oneself upholds itself. Oneself balances itself. Oneself comforts itself. Oneself itself is peaceful. When you see your individual self not as the individual separate from its surroundings but as itself, as Oneself itself, it will be the start of the end of fear and anxiety. It may take you months, years or even a lifetime to realize this and this is perfectly normal for most of us were never told that Oneself itself is, or, the true meaning of what it means I AM. So be patient and kind to yourself. Be patient and kind to each other. 'There really is no other; all there is, is OneSelf.' Simply remember that all is always fine and that there is ultimately no need to be anxious about anything. All is that which eternally is. All is always God.
~ Wald Wassermann