The Cause of the Coronavirus is Stress

Going in circles: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus?

Is the coronavirus caused by bats? The statement is an abstraction. What are bats after all? Haven't we discussed quantum physics before? Stress caused the coronavirus. Indeed. The coronavirus is caused by stress. Can a virus be caused by stress? Of course. There's nothing novel about it.  Every decent biologist should be familiar with the concept of virus latency. The Cause of the Coronavirus is Stress. It is simple.  Sure, there are some WHO will answer that the 'Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.' Pardonnez-moi? So the virus is caused by the virus? What does that even mean? I believe it is more likely that there is only Oneself comforting itself, i.e., I:I. It is quite unfortunate Human-kind forgot what the meaning is of the word Human. I suggest everyone in the sciences to study either etymology or quantum physics. Before you read the following, it must be understood that Love is in reality the need for companionship. It means exactly the same. Now then, let me retrace why and who we are. There is no we as in separateness. There is only Oneself. All is but Oneself. Indeed; there is only I or One calling itself a ten thousand names. What it means is that all is Oneself seeking Love. Oneself simply seeks Love. Now to continue. It is said that stress does not cause viruses. I am not so sure. In fact, I believe it is the only reason.  After all, there is nothing that Oneself is not including viruses. A virus is an abstraction anyway. Why? There is only Oneself. Oneself is reality. A virus is thus, in reality, Oneself readjusting itself or realigning itself according to its existential essence/purpose of beingness; indeed, it is Love. Is stress what Oneself desires? Of course not. Far from it. Prolonged systemic stress causes Oneself to realign itself. In other words, prolonged system stress causes Oneself to defend itself.  Perhaps it would be wise if someone could follow up on the above. When it is said that social stress causes virus-driven extinction; it simply means that Oneself protects itself. Sure, there is ultimately no such thing as extinction. Why? Oneself always is. Please note that I am not an expert in biology. Then again, what is biology but Oneself? May I suggest the article on Structural Biochemistry/Carbohydrates/Virus which states and I quote "Usually the virus remains latent. But stress causes a virus to become active. The provirus leaves genome and initiates viral production." Perhaps we as a society should not ask "what does Zarathustra want" but "what does Oneself want"? I am pretty sure the answer is love, warmth, togetherness, kinship, and all the good stuff. There is only one kin after all. Perhaps I am missing something? No, I don't think so. There is but one kin! Stress triggers Oneself to defend itself. Perhaps I will delete this article. After all, I assume those in charge must already know the above. Then again, perhaps not for Google suppresses any article related to "the cause of the coronavirus is stress" (try it yourself by doing a search on Google; make sure to use quotation marks).  I originally titled the above opinion 'Beyond Micro-RNA: Stress triggers Virus Defense Mechanism' and later 'Where Do New Viruses Come From? Stress. The Cause of a Virus is Stress' but I re-titled it as 'The Cause of the Coronavirus is Stress.' We are but One my Love. We are but One! This One is not external, no, it is Oneself. Love One another for there is no other but Oneself. The purpose of life is love and love alone sweethearts! There where you see another is the reflection of yourself seeking exactly what you seek: love, kindness, warmth, et al. Everyone knows that God is One without separation right?
~ Wald Wassermann