Sublimination: Definition & Meaning.

Definition of sublimination (sub·lim·i·na·tion): Realizing Oneselfness is essentially Love. Plural? No. Singular? Yes. The feeling of blissfulness, feeling overjoyed as if in a state of uncontrollable ecstasy that simply overcomes Oneself after realizing Oneself is Love itself living and that Love is the only thing here for it is Love eternally birthing itself anew and that all the others are but Oneself experiencing itself as diversity for the purpose of companionship.  At first, sublimination may appear gradually but as One realizes the true Self is but Love; the world suddenly seems brighter, all the problems of life become lighter if not fade away entirely as Oneself merges into One's true Selfness which is indescribable happiness, utter joy and felicity that may or may not be blatantly obvious to One's surroundings. Example: I cannot help myself, I only feel a sense of the Absolute for the Absolute itself is Love and anything else is an abstraction of sorts.
~ Wald Wassermann