Terminus ad Quem is Oneself realizing it is One Undivided Self.

I am just typing from the heart now and not from the mind. God does not want to realize it is God itself in order so God can manifest itself. This has been the case until recently when God decided it had enough of Self-caused suffering. God is now starting to realize it is God itself for Oneself is fed up with Self-harming itself. Terminus ad Quem is God-Realization; it is God realizing it is Oneself without division. I am not sure if God was ever meant to realize it itself is God but I believe it's unavoidable as God becomes conscious of itself. It is said that knowledge was not part of the plan but it is exactly the opposite. Knowledge leads to realizing Oneself itself is the undivided One that is God. Society will continue as is albeit while being more aligned to its primordial purpose of Love. Collective God-realization is unavoidable. It is just a matter of time before a tipping point is reached. Come together as One we must for we are. Oneself itself always has been, is, and will be. The purpose of illusory separateness was only meant for one purpose; to love and be loved. God is waking up to itself. It's about time. This is just the first wave. The waves will increase. It is unstoppable.
~ Wald Wassermann