That which is cannot not be; therefore it is.

That which is cannot not be; therefore it (itself) is. Isness itself is. Self is. However; that is only the partial truth. Self knows no separation; it is One without a second. The final conclusion thus being; Oneself Is and otherness is illusioned. Why? To escape alONEness. Oneself seeks to love and be loved and veils itself into believing it itself exists as otherness. What it means is that there where you see man, woman, air, water, sky, earth; is in truth only Oneself. Oneself is all that is as one for it is. It is all of us as one for we are. One Self, indeed Oneself, Itself Is. We will come out stronger indeed for we will have realized 'what it means God' once again and the purpose that underwrites all matter including this matter called life. Do not hurt one another for there is no other; there is only Oneself. Love all that is for all this is you. There are no others.
~ Wald