That Which Is, (It)Self Is.

That which is does not need to fear itself. Fear is self not knowing it is self. There's ultimately no need for self to fear itself. Self itself always is. What you must remember Love is that 'you' are; it is you Love that is the eternal One. You is not (just) the physical, the body, but that which perceives or experiences itself as the physical. That which is you transcends the physical you. That which you are itself always 'is'; the eternal experiences itself as itself, as its physical self. There is no fear once you realize Selfness. Selfness is itself (the) eternal (one), there's nothing that can harm that which is the real you. You are One Self; Oneself upholds its (manifest/physical) Self. That Which Is, (It)Self Is. See all as Self, Feel Only Love.
~ Wald Wassermann