The Absolute Immutability of Oneself.

This is the story of a young boy who grew up in the countryside of Flanders being mesmerized about the nature around him. He would stare for hours and hours at the movement of the plants dancing in the wind and reaching towards the light. This boy knew no suffering and could not understand why people were always running around as if they had gone completely mad somehow. One day, he must have been 7, this boy approached his wonderfully kind and wise grandfather and asked him what was wrong with all these people and why they could not see what he saw. The grandfather told him the story about the beginning of the world and why people had gone mad. So this is the story: In the beginning was the word. But the word was with us. The word was us. In the beginning was all of us as one for we were. We were one, my child, we were one. One self is all that existed; indeed Oneself. Oneself became aware of itself, it became conscious of itself. Let me tell you, my child, that no one likes aloneness, to be just one by it self. Not even me. It is why Oneself started to dream about an other to have company, to have companionship, to have someone to play with, to have someone to love. Thus then oneself created itself as two within itself with just the right of space between itself so it would forget it was Oneself. And all this just to love my child, all this just to love, to have warmth and to find shelter in the protection of one's self-created companionship. Now many years passed; so many many many years. And here we are now my child, Oneself still.  All it is that you see around you, all it is you feel, all it is you hear, all it is you smell, all it is you taste, all of it... it is all Oneself. Oneself has always been, is, and always will be, as it was Oneself. Everything that happens is all Oneself; Oneself happens itself. All that you see is all Oneself. All that you hear is all Oneself. All that you feel is all Oneself. There is nothing that can threaten you for it is all you. Oneself experiences itself as the sum total of its own parts, and this although those parts may no longer be conscious of them being Oneself, they all have their movement and beingness in Oneself. It is within Oneself that all is born, lives and returns. Oneself itself is the absolute immutable, changeable yet all changing. Remember my child that there never is anything to fear for all this is you. You must live your life in gratitude with all that surrounds you for all of it is you. Nothing can ultimately threaten you for there is nothing that is not you. All that is, is Oneself. My dear child, try to make everyone remember who they are again for the wisdom has been lost and humankind has become divided even though there is no such thing as division. It is only by realizing all is Oneself that it will be able to come together again. Remember my child to see all as self. There where you see others is you; there where others see you is them. All is Oneself. Oneself has no fear for it itself is, it upholds itself, it comforts itself, it embraces itself. So be fearless my child and remember to love all the others for there is, in truth, no such thing as otherness; there is only Oneself. Now, as it was in the beginning, all is One for it is, all is One Self, Oneself Itself Is.
~ Wald Wassermann