The Flock is One(self).

I believe that (most) anxiety is caused by the non-recognition of the underlying reality of existence (this although it is not really underlying but all-pervasive or self-existent). Anxiety is caused by Onself seeing itself as compartmentalized rather than its true one unified self. It will take me many years to explain myself so I'll just write observations as they come along. Step 1: That which is, what we call existence or reality, is One. Step 2: Reality is One Undivided Self. Step 3: Reality is Oneself. Oneself is self-existent and is as such eternal and deathless.  The following observations are thus all correct. Fear is Oneself not knowing it is Oneself and seeing separateness or otherness where there is in reality only Oneself. Fear is God not knowing it is God itself. Fear is Self not knowing it is itself. From the above three observations; I obviously prefer the first one; 'Fear is Oneself not knowing it is Oneself' which simply means that 'that which is' is one undivided self that it itself eternally is. Oneself experiences itself simply equates to God experiences itself.  The ego serves a purpose for sure as I have addressed before (it allows Oneself to escape aloneness, it allows Oneself to experience love, warmth, togetherness, companionship, et al). But by doing so; Oneself saddles itself with the problem of anxiety and fear resulting in conflicts, war, suffering etc which is exactly the opposite that Oneself seeks to accomplish. I believe it is important for global leadership to understand these dynamics so it can align its flock (Oneself) according to its true self-existential purpose which is essentially unity, loving kindness, oneness, compassion. My concern is that a large percentage of the flock is not aware of the essence of its own beingness (there is only oneself without division and there are no others) hence resulting in most of the global conflicts of past and present. In other words; there is nothing new under the sun for the flock is always One, or better, Oneself. In conclusion: support the mission of the United Nations. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti, Peace Peace Peace.
~ Wald Wassermann